Monday, March 16, 2009

Hope For Baseball Fans

Purgatory for baseball fans is that no-man's land between the Superbowl and March 1. If you're anywhere above the 33 parallel it's probably grey and wet and cold just so you won't forget how much you miss baseball. The only thing on TV is figure skating and bowling.......which are fine sports......they're just not played on a grassy field with the sun shining and shouts of "Cold beer!" ringing in your ears.

So when March finally rolls around, Spring Training warms the hearts of baseball fans everywhere. In places like Tampa, Fort Myers, and Clearwater hope springs eternal.

Fans can watch their favorite teams in stadiums that hold 6,000 instead of 50,000. In the breezy atmosphere, people from New York, Texas, and Colorado form an instant bond in the stands as they talk about who got traded to which team and other fine points of the game.

The Boys of Summer are more playful and relaxed in the spring. They holler and gesture across the diamond to their friends in the other dugout about going to the beach or dinner that night. Jokes and big smiles are shared with teammates and officials as they catch up on news from the off season. There are hardened veterans and fresh-faced rookies pitching the ball around, stretching, and running sprints before the game and giving each other pointers during the it. Some are on their way out while new ones are anxious to move up to the rarefied air of the majors.

It all comes together in a perfect afternoon when the baseball fan can breathe easy knowing that the season is almost here.


Sandi McBride said...

I adore Baseball and love the Cubs...and the Yankees...the Braves not so much lol...but I'll go to Atlanta to watch the Cubs play there!

madrekarin said...

I remember taking my kids to games in Sarasota when we would visit my parents. Now, who was it that played there? I cannot remember. My husband will though. I guess I didn't pay enough attention. I do remember it was a lot of fun!

Laura said...

Lovely!! Although I'm clear on the other side of the country I was very sad when the Dodgers left Vero Beach for Arizona. I grew up loving to watch the games at Holman Stadium which were televised on Sundays here. :)

Best wishes,