Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Decorations

My daughter Emily was given the opportunity to decorate the room for a Super Bowl brunch at a local restaurant on Sunday. Being a supportive Mom, I was more than happy to give her a hand. We did some trial arrangements last weekend and came up with one that featured the team colors from the Cardinals and the Steelers and the blues and greens that the Super Bowl committee used in the official logo.
Red Gerber's and gold Peruvian lilies took care of the team colors. Blue hydrangeas, green spider mums and orchids covered the logo colors, and palms and aspidistra reflected the tropical locale of this year's game. All this was to be arranged in tall trumpet shaped vases.

Happy with her plan, Emily ordered her flowers, bought the vases and put everything out of her mind until time to get the work done.Then one little phone call on Thursday afternoon changed her attitude toward the whole project. Her friend at the restaurant called to tell her that along with all the other high profile guests at the brunch would be someone who might cast a very critical eye on the decorations. Martha would be there!
Emily immediately burst into tears, not of sorrow, but the kind you get when someone larger than life, who you've admired all your life suddenly is right there in front of you. She called me full of questions about whether or not she was up to decorating a room where the queen of home sciences would be brunching. I told her she couldn't out-martha Martha, so just stick with her fantastic plan and make it beautiful the Emily way.

After the initial shock she regained her confidence and got to work on Saturday. The arrangements got done on my dining room table then put in crates.Thank goodness it was a cold night in Tampa because when it was all loaded in my truck, our garage was like a giant refrigerator thanks to the rare freeze.
Sunday morning we set out bright and early with my truck so loaded that I couldn't see out the back or right side window. Don't try this at home, kids! Since it was early on a Sunday morning and I was following Emily in her car, we got there in one piece.

We unloaded and brought everything in through the busy kitchen and the balloon folks came about an hour later and worked their magic.
One last touch was a cylinder vase filled with little bright colored footballs, Super Bowl pennants, and blue plumes and peacock feathers for the hors d'oeuvres table.
Festive Super Bowl decor Emily-style!

UPDATE: Here's Martha's blog entry from her SuperBowl visit. Some of the pictures are from the brunch.


Anonymous said...

Go Emily!! The room looks wonderful!

Lori said...

i assume you are referring to THE Martha{?}
well, that just looks wonderful and very festive indeed...hooray for Emily...i bet Martha was impressed too!!!

Sandi McBride said...

WOW, great job there and I'm thinking Emily has a career in this! And you too for that matter!

Tonja said...

I think the tables look terrific! Very talented duo you two make. Be sure and tell us if Martha showed up! How exciting to be doing such a project and then to find out 'she' may be there...I can understand the tears!

And didn't the cold come at an opportune time? Thanks, God!

windycorner said...

Yes, SHE was there and very kind and gracious. The crazy thing was after taking all the decorations out of that room around 12:30, we had to come back up to my house and get ready for our Super Bowl party.

Laura said...

How exciting! I'm so glad she had that opportunity and that Martha was there. Thanks for sharing!

Best wishes,

Laura said...
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Laura said...
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Casey Wohl said...

Emily - These are beautiful. I love the peacock feathers!!! I am sure Martha was impressed.

Casey Wohl
"The Getaway Girl"

justabeachkat said...

She did an awesome job. I love the idea of the colorful tiny footballs in the cylinder. I might have to copy that idea at my party next year.